Prefecture of Florina                                                                                                             

    The METE SA from January 2002 until August 2010 had contracted the exclusive exploitation of the Public Mine of Achlada (which is leased from the Greek State to a private company) and implemented the contract for the supply of lignite coming from the above mine to PPC SA (Public Power Corporation) and to any third party for the above mentioned period. The company with its work, it supplied up to 100% to the Steam Power Station of Meliti of PPC SA in the area of Florina with fuel (lignite), being absolutely successful with all the necessary extraction and delivery of 2,5 to 3 million tons of lignite per year.
   Since 2016, the company, investing significant funds mainly in electromechanical equipment is active in the field of quartz exploitation in the Meliti area, in the Prefecture of Florina. The production capacity of the above quarry is expected to exceed one hundred thousand tons (100,000 M.T.) of quartz per year.

Prefecture of Kozani
    Since June 2005, the METE SA reopened the Lignite Mine of Prosilio and supplied with lignite the company “LARCO” GMM SA with quantities of more than one hundred fifty thousand tons (150,000 M.T.) per year. Today, from this lignite mine it supplies PPC SA (Public Power Corporation) with quantities of lignite exceeding two hundred thousand  tons (200,000 M.T.) per year.