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Company background
Company METE S.A. “MINING – TECHNICAL – TRADE S.A.” is a Greek company based in Florina, established in 1986 by Georgios K. Messinis ( 27 July 1947 – 7 December 2002/ Mining and Metallurgical Engineer ). The headquarters of METE S.A. are located at the city of Florina.The company avails three branches, one in Prosilio lignite mine, in the Prefecture of Kozani, one in Meliti quartz quarry, in the Prefecture of Florina and one in Chalandri region, in the Prefecture of Attika (Athens) . All company shares are held by members of Stamatoula Messini’s family. METE SA, having as its main scope since its establishment the operation of lignite mines, avails extensive experience and expertise in the performance of the works required towards this end, such as surveying, design, earth removal, excavation, extracting and processing lignite in its own or third-party mines, and is currently one of the largest private companies in Greece that demonstrably knows and rationally implements lignite mines operations.

METE S.A. has been certified by TUV Austria in accordance with standards EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design, extraction, crushing, sorting and disposal of lignite deposits EN ISO 14001:2015 for its environmental management system and ISO 45001:2018 concerning its management system on health and safety at work.

The members of the company’s board of directors are:
Konstantinos Messinis, Chairman & CEO
Andreas Messinis, Vice-chairman
Georgios Tzalamarias, General Manager and member
Alexandra Kouli, member
Demetrios Holmbas, member
Stavroula Zafiropoulou, member

Overview of the Company’s Operations

A few words for the lignite: Mineral raw materials of Greece – Energy minerals – Mineral fuels – Coal – Lignite
Coals or mineral coals are sedimentary deposits of biogenic origin, which are primarily composed of carbon…”Read more on the website
Lignite is one of the national resources of the country and is primarily used in power generation. For this reason, in addition to its proven ability and the quality of its operations, the company operates at privately-owned facilities in the Prefecture of Kozani a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory, equipped with the dedicated and calibrated equipment necessary for the performance of the quality control of lignite, as well as state-of-the-art samplers at the processing facilities, which are certified in accordance with ΙSΟ 1988:1975 for lignite sampling. The quality control of the lignite produced, which is mandatory in order to maximize the exploitation of the lignite deposits (National Resources), is carried out solely by  P.P.C (Public Power Corporation) S.A. and the General Mining and Metallurgical S.A. “LARCO” in the lignite mines sector.

The staff of METE S.A include experienced Mining Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Foremen, and Machinery Maintainers and Operators, Drivers and Workers with years of experience in the exploitation conditions and characteristics of lignite mines in the area of the Prefecture of FLORINA, and specifically in the lignite mines of VEVI, ACHLADA and AMYNTAIO of VEGORA. The company with a continuous presence in the lignite mining operations since 1986 has successfully implemented more than 15 projects  involving the extraction of more than 28,5 millions tons of lignite and a total turnover of more than 370 millions EUROS and is currently ranked one of the largest private lignite mining companies in Greece, with extensive experience in this domain.

A few words on quartz: Quartz, SiO2, is the most abundant mineral, the second in abundance in the crust of the earth, after the minerals of the feldspars group…
“Read more on the website

The company, following the developments in the broader mining sector and aiming at the expansion of the products manufactured, has started the exploitation of a quartz deposit in the Prefecture of Florina since 2016. It is a quartz deposit suitable mainly for industrial use. Its production has begun since the summer of 2017, following significant investments in infrastructure (electromechanical equipment, machinery etc). The annual quartz production capacity will exceed 90,000 tn. This specific activity contributes both to local (jobs, rent income for the Municipality of Florina) and the National (exports) Economy.


All company staff are experienced and have excellent knowledge of the nature of the tasks required of the execution of the tasks undertaken, as it consists of employees who have been working for the company for more than 25 years . Currently, the company employs more than 100 staff under directly depended employment and, including its partners (subcontractors), it employs more than 150 people in its projects in the Prefectures of Florina and Kozani. The company is also staffed with a group of economists and an organized legal service.

The primary objectives of each project undertaken by the company is to provide timely, effective, efficient execution, to ensure the safety of exploitation operations and the optimization of production at every stage with respect for the environment and social sensitivity. The company’s social responsibility is currently acknowledged by both the Prefectures of Florina and Kozani, as the company for more than 30 years has contributed in many ways to improve the living conditions in the areas where it operates. The company’s contribution includes the following:
• Recruitment of the majority of staff from areas that are adjacent to its projects.
• Construction and maintenance of roads at the expense of the company, in order to render them safer for the company’s operations and for all other users (residents, travelers, etc).
• Construction of works needed by the residents of neighboring areas (football field, transport and delivery of plantation soil to farmers, water supply-irrigation pipes, etc).
• Subsidies, sponsorship, donations etc.