Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Health & Safety at Work (H.S.W.) Policy

      The company, in view of the production of lignite and the provision of services meeting the requirements of its customers, its respect for humans and the environment, recognizing the need for development and adoption of productive procedures which are safe and environmental friendly, aiming at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature, has decided to establish and operate an Integrated Management System (IMS) according to the requirements of standards EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 45001:2018. The approach of quality, environment and H.S.W. is a consistent and strictly defined procedure ensuring the guarantees for consistent presence at the sector in which it is active. Following a course of sustainable development, the company seeks continuous quality improvement of its products, combining the wise and rational use of natural recourses and the minimization of the negative impact of its activities on the environment and H.S.W..
Main motivation is:
· The decision of the company for “no accident and no occupational disease”.
· The effective follow-up of legislation and its implementation in all areas of activity of the company.
· The implementation of requirements undertaken by the company.
· The quest for improvement of the internal operation system and full implementation of the standards and internal guidelines and procedures in subjects related to H.S.W.. We are constantly ensuring that the promotion of H.S.W. is fully integrated as a main criterion for all administration processes and also in the corporate culture of the business.
· Zero tolerance “everywhere and always” regarding the violation of H.S.W. rules agreed with all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and partners.
· Recognition and evaluation of risks for H.S.W. and introduction of preventive measures in order to eliminate them.
· Open and transparent communication on H.S.W. subjects with all parties involved. All incidents (accidents, near misses) must be recorded and analyzed in depth, so that appropriate corrective and preventive actions are taken for preventing their reoccurrence.
· Acquisition of know-how for more complete performance of works and coverage of the needs and requirements of customers.
· Creation of a “channel” of external communication at all levels, so that, on the one hand, the clear recording of demands of third parties (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, state and other organizations) and, on the other hand, the clear statement on behalf of the company of the method of coverage are ensured.
· Training and development of personnel. We recognize the paramount importance of personnel in matters of Quality, Environment and H.S.W. and we work for the continuous information, training and improvement of the personnel of the company and its partners. We support the active participation of all personnel, whatever their rank, as well as of our partners, in our effort to improve our performance in respect of Quality, Environment and H.S.W. issues.
· Wise and rational use of natural resources, with simultaneous minimization of the negative impact of the activities of the company on the environment.

      In the context of continuous improvement of the IMS, the Management sets objectives for Quality, Environment and H.S.W., as well as for its general development course, which are annually reviewed as to the degree of their implementation, and new ones are approved or the existent are amended depending on performance and change in circumstances. The company, through the General Manager and the support of the Βoard commits to:
· Systematic monitoring and compliance with the regulatory and legislative requirements regarding its operation and activities.
· Continuous information of employees on subjects of Quality, Environment and H.S.W., carrying out any required action which will contribute to the continuous improvement of the SMS, as well as encouraging its personnel for its active participation at an individual and group level for the improvement of working environment.
· Continuous improvement of the performance of the company in respect of Quality, Environment and H.S.W. issues.
· Continuous effort to improve internal operation and comply with the rules governing its operation at all levels (supplies, orders, storage, movement).
· Continuous effort of standardization of its operation procedures in a way promoting and ensuring the provision of friendly and effective service and the development of bonds of harmonious cooperation with its customers and suppliers.
· Effective resolution of the issues concerning its customers with immediate response to their requests.
· Taking measures for the protection of the environment complying with the environmental legislation and environmental conditions.
· Taking measures for the protection of H.S.W. complying with the relevant legislation.
· Defining objectives for the environment, so that there is effective intervention on environmental issues.
· Evaluation and improvement of the total Environmental Performance, as well as of the Performance of H.S.W., by preparing and implementing Action Programs for the achievement of specific Objectives and Targets and always within a specific period of implementation.
· Adoption and implementation of specific rules of environmental controls in its internal productive function, as well as of controls regarding H.S.W..
· Improvement of the total environmental behavior, especially in respect of prevention of pollution of the environment and addressing Emergencies.
· Systematic information of the business on the developments in the sector in which it is active.
· Continuous monitoring of the compliance of the products produced and services provided with the requirements of its customers and the Legislation.
· Provision of human and financial recourses, as well as equipment, so that continuous compliance with the requirements of the System is achieved.
· Continuous improvement through the development and evaluation of the procedures and the relevant performance indicators.
· Promotion of open dialogue and information of the parties interested in a spirit of honest and mutual respect.
· Effective and safe management of information coming to its knowledge from the broad cooperation with its customers and non-disclosure of them to third parties.